China in, Ireland out for U.S. lift truck manufacturer

Crown Equipment Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of China to build a manufacturing plant in the Suzhou New District, a high-tech industrial park located in the city of Suzhou, approximately an hour and a half west of Shanghai. Construction of the new facility will begin after an application for a business license has been approved by the State Council of China.

The new facility will manufacture and export several smaller models of the Crown product range. Crown will also establish a retail operation at this location to provide sales and service support to the local market as well as supporting existing Crown customers with locations in China.

In the past, Galway, Ireland, has been the primary manufacturing facility responsible for the production of Crown’s smaller range of trucks. As construction of the new China facility is completed, Crown will wind down production at the Galway facility.

TAGS: Warehousing
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