Chinese Apparel Maker Hopes to Eliminate Counterfeits with RFID

Jossy Jo, a Beijing-based apparel company, has implemented a large-scale, item-level RFID solution. The complete RFID solution from Jawasoft China and UPM Raflatac will provide Jossy Jo with real-time data concerning its logistics operations and will streamline cooperation between Jossy Jo and its franchisees.

The solution will also serve as a brand protection tool, helping prevent counterfeit products from reaching stores. Jossy Jo currently utilizes more than 2 million RFID tags a year from UPM Raflatac to track and trace its garments.

The RFID implementation covers Jossy Jo’s operations comprehensively, starting from production planning where production tasks are generated and assigned to specific plants. RFID labels are accordingly sent to each production plant and attached to every garment during the production phase. Any faulty garment can be traced back to the point of production where the root cause of problems can be examined and resolved.

Jossy Jo has seen a 40% improvement in logistics efficiency since the RFID implementation. Traceability capabilities have helped streamline cooperation between Jossy Jo and its distributors and agents as the readily available real-time information leaves little room for interpretation.

Another feature typical of the apparel business, seasonal sales, has proven to be easier to manage thanks to RFID. The modified sales price information is included in the tags, and data concerning actual sales is now available in real time without any additional manual work.

In the fight against counterfeit products, Jossy Jo has made significant gains with the RFID implementation. Thus far, the company reports that it has been able to eliminate losses due to product forgery, which previously accounted for 3% of annual sales.

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