Choice to Manage 3PAR’s Service Parts Logistics in Europe

3PAR, a global provider of utility storage, has named Choice Logistics to manage mission-critical service parts logistics services for the company in Europe. Choice’s broad network of strategic stocking locations (SSLs) has been contracted to support 3PAR clients throughout five countries: Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Due to the critical business functions supported by 3PAR’s virtualized storage platform, a majority of its customers require a four-hour response to service requests on a 24/7 basis. Choice has been contracted to provide the fulfillment of 3PAR’s mission-critical service parts to meet these aggressive service level agreements, as well as reverse logistics for returned parts.

Within approximately six weeks, starting in early March 2010, 3PAR’s entire EMEA service parts operation was transitioned to Choice’s SSL network and global inventory management platform, which integrated with 3PAR’s internal system. Choice carefully analyzed 3PAR’s installed base and leveraged SSLs in close proximity to each site to minimize travel distance and optimize on-time performance.

3PAR engaged Choice to enhance its visibility and ability to track and manage inventory to more efficiently meet service level agreements. This real-time information helps 3PAR instantly locate parts to optimize inventory levels and improve service to end-users.

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