Descartes, Sterling Commerce and RedPrairie Acquisitions

Ontario Canada-based Descartes Systems Group has signed a definitive agreement to acquire assets of Cube Route Inc., located in Toronto. Known for last mile deliveries, Cube Route offers on-demand logistics management solutions, including planning, routing, sequencing and optimization of delivery routes, real-time driver and vehicle tracking and delivery route analysis.

Descartes characterizes itself as a software-as-a-service provider working to develop the world’s largest multimodal electronic logistics network it calls the Global Logistics Network. It layers software on top of the network that provides truck scheduling and route optimization.

AT&T Inc. subsidiary, Dublin, Ohio-based Sterling Commerce is acquiring Comergent Technologies, Inc., with headquarters in Redwood City, California. Comergent customers include Affinia, Gates and Goodrich in aerospace and automotives; Hayworth, Husky and Toro for manufacturing; NEC, Quantum and Symbol in high-tech; DIRECTV and Pearson Education in telecom and media. Its retail customers include JC Penney and Best Buy For Business.

"Comergent provides an enterprise suite of applications for managing selling and order management processes with customers and partners that will help Sterling Commerce act swiftly and broadly on some of our customers' most pressing needs," says Samuel Starr, Sterling Commerce president and CEO. "By integrating Comergent's eBusiness Application Suite into our multi-channel order fulfillment software, we plan to offer a modular end-to-end solution for the challenges that customers historically have handled through a complex and costly mix of point solutions."

RedPrairie Corp. is acquiring StorePerform Technologies, Inc. and will add it to its Retail Productivity solutions division (which had been BlueCube Software). For Milwaukee-based RedPrairie the acquisition by marrying BlueCube Workforce Management with StorePerform Store Execution Management solutions it will offer a unified, end-to-end solution that optimizes the retail workforce. “With StorePerform,” says RedPrairie CEO John Jazwiec, “the leader in store execution management, we can further enable retailers to ensure that the right product and the right people are in the right place at the right time.”

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