DHL Invests in a Shanghai Hub, Raises Its Rates

The new 55,000 square meter DHL Worldwide Express facility will be located at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. Upon completion the air hub will be able to sort 20,000 parcels and 20,000 documents per hour. Including the new hub, DHL has invested $2.2 billion in the region over the past few years. It is also investing $110 million to double the size of its facility to 35,000 square meters at Hong Kong International Airport.

As with its express competitors, DHL is increasing its list rates, effective January 6, 2008. Net average shipping rate increase for Domestic Air Express and International Express will be 4.9%, made up of a 6.9% boost offset by a 2.0% decrease in the air fuel surcharge index. The 4.9% increase will also apply to DHL Ground shipments and for its [email protected] offering.

Other increases include an additional $0.10 surcharge for Residential Delivery as well as residential and commercial Delivery Area Service. Exception Handling will increase by $0.50. The Large Package Fee will climb to $45. Visit the web site, beginning December 14, 2007, for complete details

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