DHLs Brussels Expansion Halted

Express carrier DHL had sought to increase inbound and outbound flights at Brussels national airport from 16,000 per year to 34,000 by 2012, which would boost its capacity from 900 tonnes per night to 3,000 tonnes.

Though supported by the Belgian federal government, the expansion was opposed by the regional governments of Brussels and Flanders.

DHL said it would continue operations through 2008 while it examines other options at Leipzig, Germany and Vatry, France. Brussels will continue to operate as a regional operation after 2008, but DHL will relocate some operations elsewhere after that.

The expansion would have created 1,400 jobs, according to DHL. DHL has had the highest record of job creation in the area for a number of years.

Noise levels on increased night flights were reportedly the main hurdle to the expansion.

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