Evergreen To Suspend East Coast Services

Based on the worldwide economic downturn and the need to focus resources in other trades, Evergreen Line has announced its withdrawal from the TANGO service linking ports on the East Coasts of North and South America, according to the company.

Evergreen Line is suspending service by terminating its space charter agreement and in compliance with its 90-day pre-notice. The final sailings for Evergreen Line customers will be M/V Cap San Nicolas 064S, ETD New York January 25, 2009; M/V Cap San Augustin 064N, ETD Buenos Aires January 26, 2009.

"We look forward to continued customer support and as is customary Evergreen Line policy, will continue to examine global economic conditions in the future and determine the appropriate time to reconsider renewing service to this important trade lane," Evergreen Line said in an announcement.

Evergreen will continue service to Venezuela via the Colon Container Terminal in Panama and to South America's West Coast trade.

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