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FedEx to Train Mexican Exporters

FedEx will be playing the role of “facilitator” as hundred of small and medium sized companies want to join the globalization process and expedite their deliveries to the rest of the world.

“Normally”, says FedEx marketing director for Latin America Alfredo Gonzalez, “everyone wants to export to large trading blocks such as the U.S., Canada and Europe. But many small manufacturers are learning there are many interesting markets for their products in smaller nations in Asia and even Central America. We can advise and facilitate their process of having their goods get there safely.”

ANIERM president, Filiberto Villalon, says the non-profit 60-year-old organization he leads has 1,300 members but is aiming at attracting new, smaller size members. With the agreement with FedEx, exports will be made easier “by making tools for export available to them. “That’s the reason for the collaboration between ANIERM and FedEx.”

Gonzalez made it clear that FedEx’s objective is to increase Mexican exports to the rest of the world and is not specifically seeking to recruit customers.

“FedEx will not force anyone to do business with us. After the export seminars to be conducted, it will be the small exporters themselves who will decide with whom they will conduct business,” says Gonzalez.

Export seminars for exporters will be organized by ANIERM and conducted by FedEx executives. Seminars will include packaging procedures with free testing at the FedEx Memphis headquarters in an effort to determine the best packaging for specific goods. For already established exporters -- particularly to the U. S. -- FedEx will cover the U. S. Anti Bioterrorism Laws, not only as informational vehicles, but to assist businesses in getting certification.

Villalon says ANIERM is seeking to boost its ranks. For FedEx, this non-profit agreement may mean new customers since seminars will be conducted at selected participants within Mexico’s “golden triangle,” the cities of Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey. FedEx is making available to seminar participants its international exporting data system that helps move cargo through Customs throughout the world.

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