Free Shipping Wins Multi-Channel Shoppers

That conclusion is in a new research report from ForeSee Results, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Buying Behavior in the Evolving Multi-Channel Retail World. The study was based on responses from 4,000 consumers who had purchased products in the past 90 days from retailers as varied as Sears, WalMart, Target, Williams-Sonoma, Old Navy, Footlocker, Victoria’s Secret, Borders, Best Buy and Circuit City, among others.

Although the primary focus of the report is retail customer behavior, the study does note that, “Four out of every five consumers that were offered free shipping said that the offer influenced their decision to purchase from the website as opposed to another channel or a competitor. At the same time, other promotions were less likely to sway purchasers of toys, books and games to purchase from one company over another.”

The study is claimed to be the first that delivers hard data on consumer behavior in a multi-channel environment. Such shopping is rapidly becoming a retail norm. FGI Research, a provider of market research and information solutions that have influence on business decisions, conducted the research.

The study is available at no charge at

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