French Rail Moves to Become a Major Global Logistics Force

Privatized in 1996, Geodis was the road freight subsidiary of the French National Railway Co., SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français). Active in the global supply chain, Geodis claims to be ranked fourth in Europe and 10th in the world for its sea and air lift brokering.

Reports explain that the Geodis freight forwarding division operates as Geodis-Wilson and can be found in 41 countries. It bills 35% of all Geodis sales. Representing 36% of Geodis billing is its messaging division that operates in five European countries. Its main business is in France where it is known as Geodis-Calberson. The logistics contracts division, Geodis Logisitics, brings in 17% of the company’s billing and may be found in 15 counties around the globe. Contributing 12% of the company’s income from three European countries is the road division, Geodis BM (Bourgey Montreuil).

SNCF operates almost all of France's railway system. It already owns 43% of the Geodis Group and has made an offer €135 per share to purchase the remainder of the company. The cost would then total €450 million. It’s expected that the price will rise.

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