Hazardous Communications Labels [New Products] Graphic Products

Hazardous Communications Labels [New Products]

The DuraLabel Catalyst Color Printer was designed to create full-color industrial labels including GHS/HazCom 2012, arc flash, NFPA, and standard OSHA-compliant warning and danger signs. Die-cut labels meet compliance testing parameters including seawater immersion, accelerated artificial weathering, sand abrasion, artificial salt spray and sunlight exposure. Parameters include BS 5609 compliance, a highly regarded standard for label durability often used for any application where containment, storage and transportation of materials must be clearly and safely identified, especially with regard to #GHS HazCom 2012 compliance. DuraSuite software, bundled with Catalyst, includes templates for easy formatting, an extensive symbol library, and a robust chemical database which populates the labels with necessary information, correctly formatted and print-ready.

Graphic Products


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