ID Must Be Shown or Border Shipments Will be Stopped

Under provisions of the Trade Act of 2002, drivers transporting shipments using the Border Release Advance Screening and Selectivity (BRASS) release system must have a Free and Secure Trade (FAST) identification card. Beginning on May 16, CBP will deny a permit to proceed or deny entry entirely for the truck or other conveyance if the driver can’t show proper identification.

In order to assist drivers, CBP has increased its staff and extended working hours at FAST Processing and Enrollment Centers. In addition to notifying drivers of the requirements, CBP has been in touch with carriers, as well.

“The enforcement of this requirement of the Trade Act of 2002 will promote free and secure trade by using common risk-management principles, supply chain security, industry partnership and advanced technology,” says CBP Commissioner, Robert C. Bonner. “This will lead to improved efficiency of screening and clearing of commercial traffic at our shared border.”

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