Indian Truck Strike Ends

Fuel prices and tolls were behind an eight-day strike by Indian truckers that affected industrial goods and quickly affected prices on food.

The All India Motor Transport Congress, representing 6 million drivers, withdrew the strike unconditionally after eight days. A three-day strike by more than 50,000 workers at state-run oil companies was also ended.

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Government officials assured truckers there would be no increase in toll taxes on national highways for one year. Officials clarified that the agreement in July 4, 2008 extended rates that were in effect on December 1, 2007 for one year, to July 3, 2009.

On the issue of fuel prices, the government agreed to examine diesel taxes.

The oil worker strike for higher wages reportedly led to 80% of service stations in major cities running out of fuel.

Even though the driver strike was of short duration, fruit and vegetable prices in some cities were reportedly affected.

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