Learn or Upgrade Supply Chain Knowledge

These two-day workshops are aimed at helping those new to the fields of logistics and supply chain management (SCM), as well as those with experience wishing to expand their knowledge and executives from other corporate activities now responsible for managing the company’s supply chain.

Ken Ackerman, who helped develop and produce these basic courses for CSCMP point out that the workshops are excellent venues for learning the “fundamentals of the essential links in the supply chain: warehousing, transportation, procurement, outsourcing, people management, customer service, facilities selection, reverse logistics, information technology, manufacturing and materials handling.”

Begun in 2004, these workshops focus on presentation of real world applications of the basics of SCM, so that those participating can immediately put their leaning to work as they return to their companies.

For details on the workshops, contact the association at http://www.cscmp.org/

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