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Long-term Confidence Moderates

The Global Logistics Business Confidence Index completed in February indicated a slight rise in confidence in the longer term. The March survey is underway.

The Transport Intelligence Index made its debut in February with results from a global audience of logistics providers and users. A very small minority of respondents had significant confidence in their economic prospects when comparing the prior three months to the next three months. Only 2.6% said they were “more confident.” The total number of respondents who were “much more confident” or just “slightly more confident” was just over 5% higher when asked about prospects for the next 12 months vs. the prior 12-month period.

However, the vast majority (over half) in both the short-term and long-term view were slightly less to much less confident.

The survey of Logistics Business Confidence is conducted monthly and reported in the following month. To participate click here.

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