Top 10 Most Popular Moving Destinations of 2021

May 11, 2021
While Sunbelt cities are still popular relocation destinations, rural areas out west have become increasingly popular during the pandemic.

If you’re betting on the most popular place in the United States to relocate, you’re in luck because Gamblers’ Paradise itself—Las Vegas, Nevada—does indeed top the list this year. According to Penske’s annual ranking of the Top Moving Destinations, not only was Vegas the most popular relocation city in 2020, but that popularity is very recent: Sin City didn’t even make the list in 2019, and finished no higher than # 7 in 2018.

Penske’s analysis of inbound one-way truck rentals reveals that Sunbelt cities are an increasingly popular destination, as in addition to Las Vegas four cities from Texas, two from Florida, and one each from Georgia and Arizona making the Top 10 list. The lone exception to that trend is Denver, which reflects another trend Penske has observed, namely the move to Western Mountain regions of the country. However, many of those moves since the pandemic have been to smaller cities in Idaho and Montana, indicating that people are leaving the big cities for rural areas and remote work.