The World's Most Resilient Countries

May 28, 2021
This past year’s events have brought resilience into sharp relief.

Resilience has been the theme of 2020 as countries had to not only face a global pandemic but also supply chain disruptions, climate change issues as well as political tension. So the 2021 FM Global Resilience Index is especially important this year.

“Over the years, leanness, speed and short-term profit have often reigned as primary concerns of global businesses,” said Eric Jones, vice president, global manager, business risk consulting at FM Global, in a statement.

“But the historic events of 2020 reminded the world that these qualities are subordinate to the ability to resist, rebound from or operate through lockdowns, demonstrations and climate-related disruptions. Resilience has always affected a company’s total value, and this past year’s events brought this imperative into sharp relief," Jones said.”

Ranking 130 countries and territories, the index provides a composite picture of 12 objective measures reflecting each country or territory’s economic, risk quality and supply chain conditions.

Main Photo Credit: @Sasinparaksa| Dreamstime