Top 25 Supply Chains of 2023

Aug. 29, 2023
Companies in Gartner's top supply chains of 2023 excel at adapting to supply chain challenges.

Recently, Gartner named its Supply Chain Top 25 for 2023. For this year's ranking the group pointed out that success was driven by a number of factors including the ability to leverage relationships, supply chain technologies and digital transformation, and new service models to retain and grow revenue with customers, both old and new.

As always, the ability to manage risk is a characteristic of a robust supply chain that can recover rapidly from the many supply chain disruptions companies have been facing.

This slideshow will highlight the top 10 companies and list reasons why Gartner chose them as well as some recent actions the companies have taken to address supply chain issues.

The companies who rounded out the 25 are as follows:

11. The Coca-Cola Company

12. Diageo 

13. Inditex

14. Tesla 

15. Siemens 

16. Intel

17. Nestlé

18. AstraZeneca

19. Dell Technologies

20. McDonald’s

21. HP Inc. 

22. AB InBev 

23. Alibaba 

24. GlaxoSmithKline

25. Dow 

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