Most Executives Unprepared for These Disasters Caught on Video

July 27, 2014
When supply chain capacity is lost to a calamity, the effects can be long-lasting. The disasters depicted here made risk management a top priority for many executives--after they happened. Don't wait. Plan now.
Many supply chain executives suffer from risk apathy. This is a diseaese whose consequences aren't felt by an afflicted executive's company until after a disaster strikes. Those executives themselves are often at the center of a daily storm of priorities. They try to stay afloat amidst the demands of their company's operational objectives, their customers and their stock holders. They must deliver results today while working on capabilities that will make their companies competitive in the future.
A new report, “Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain,” from the Supply Chain Management Faculty at the University of Tennessee in conjunction with UPS Capital, states that this is why risk management receives such a low priority. However,the repercussions of supply chain disruptions such as ones depicted in this gallery can affect the financial health of a company for a long time.
The purpose of this gallery is to remind supply chain executives of these consequences and to convince them to take a fresh look at what might happen as a result of losing freight at sea or even on a road in another country.

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