30 Supply Chain Leaders Under 30—Class of 2018

April 8, 2018
An up-close look at the the young people who embody the best traits of the new Supply Chain Generation.

While the ratio of male-to-female managers in the supply chain field has hovered around 9:1 for an uncomfortably long time, that trend may slowly but finally be changing. At least, that's one conclusion to be had from the 30 Under 30 Rising Stars program, conducted for the past four years by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and ThomasNet.

Although the latest 2018 Salary Survey results found only 2% of the total population of supply chain professionals are in their 20s (the same percentage as in 2017), the gender breakdown of the Millennials recognized in this year's 30 Under 30 program was 18 males / 12 females, for a much more reasonable 3:2 ratio.

Interestingly, while 60% of the group planned a career in supply chain, 40% did not, indicating that the field is still wide open to attracting the best and the brightest, whether they see themselves as "supply chain people" or not.

Every year, the 30 Under 30 program designates one "megawatt star," and for this year that honor goes to Charlotte de Brabandt, a 30-year old category associate with Johnson & Johnson, based in Zurich, Switzerland. She has already served in an international procurement management program with Volkswagen and built a procurement department from scratch with Porsche Design. She is now part of J&J's capital, construction and facilities services global procurement team for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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