Mexican Rail Adds Interline Settlement Capabilities

As RMI explains, its Interline Settlement System (ISS), “provides complete rating logic, EDI management, multiple security levels, work queue assignments, industry reference files, revenue protection and additional functionality.” Ferromex will use the RMI ISS for settlement as shipments cross the Mexican border, whether North or Southbound.

Ferromex has 80% of the coverage of Mexico’s national railway system. Service more than 3,000 customers, Ferromex connects five Mexico – U.S. border cities, five major Mexican urban centers and six seaports – four on the Pacific, two on the Atlantic. “We are excited to be involved in the ISS process with our railroad partners in the U.S. and Canada,” says Manuel Alonso, vice president of Planning and Tariffs for the railroad. “ISS provides important efficiency improvements over the old process of re-billing all shipments at the border.”

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