From Mexico to the Southeast U.S. by Rail, Every Day

The daily service by Kansas City Southern (KCS) and its subsidiaries – Kansas City Southern de Mexico and the Kansas City Southern Railway Co. – will move from Mexico’s West Coast port of Lazaro Cardenas to San Luis Potosi and Monterrey, then to Laredo and on to Jackson, MS, with continuing service to Atlanta. KCS says that goods moving from Lazaro Cardenas to Jackson will arrive early on the sixth day and early on the seventh day with the Atlanta connection.

KCS has plans to develop a primary intermodal terminal at the Port of Lazaro Cardenas.

At present containers reaching the port are from service by shipping lines that include Maersk, CP Ships and NYK, among others. Initial trailer loaded goods are expected to come from Schneider National and its customers in San Luis Potosi and Monterrey.

A Schneider spokesperson says, ”Our customers are very excited about bringing this new service to the marketplace and see the creative, new options it opens to them as shippers.”

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