MIT Teams with Logistics Today on Supply Chain Risk Study

Logistics Today is collaborating with MIT to conduct an important study of Supply Chain Risk Management. We are conducting a global survey of people’s experiences and attitudes toward supply chain risks and risk management. The average time to complete this survey is only 12 minutes. We are collecting data in six different regions of the world. Our goal is to understand if regional and cultural differences affect how people think about and manage supply chain risks.

Supply chain, finance, and business professionals from many different cultures and industries are participating in the survey. In particular, we are seeking responses from manufacturing, retailing, and distribution companies. Sample questions include:

1. What supply chain disruptions have you experienced?
2. Which risks do you consider most important and least important?
3. Is headquarters the best place to coordinate recovery efforts?

After completing the survey, you may request that a summary of the study findings be e-mailed to you. If you choose to provide your email address, we will only use it to send you a summary of the study findings in early 2010, or to ask that you further explain your responses. Thank you for your participation.

Click here to take the survey (You will be redirected to Survey Monkey)

Learn more about the MIT Global SCALE Risk Initiative

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