Navistar Guarantees Fuel Economy

In order to spur truck sales in a slowing market that’s challenged as well by skyrocketing fuel prices, International is offering the guarantee to customers who buy a qualifying new DuraStar powered by either a MaxxForce 7 or MaxxForce DT engine. If after six months purchasers haven’t experienced at least a 7% improvement in fuel economy, they will receive the card.

Obviously the company wouldn’t offer the guarantee unless it was sure the engines would deliver the promised savings. The engines were put through their paces at a Robert Bosch testing facility in South Bend, IN. Results indicated improvements of as much as 13% over the previous International VT 365 engine and up to 9% versus the previous International DT 466.

Steve Guillaume, general manager of the Navistar Medium Truck Group, says, “This program is our way of telling customers that we’re listening. Customers said that fuel economy is important, and we’ve responded with a product that delivers superior performance and a guarantee that backs it up.” Purchase of a qualifying DuraStar must be made by June 30, 2008.

Navistar offers some tips that can help increase fuel economy:

• Synthetic Oils and Lubricants. Low-viscosity synthetic oils and drive train lubricants can be used in front wheel bearings, transmissions and rear axles. Even with the higher cost for synthetics, they can save a truck owner more than $500/year in fuel costs.

• Engine Oil Weight/Grade. Use the engine manufacturer's recommended engine oil grades. Using a 10W-30 instead of a 5W-30 can decrease miles per gallon by 1-2%.

• Tire Pressure. A 15% under inflation will average about 1% poorer fuel economy. Being under inflated by 30% can result in a 3% mpg loss.

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