Neenah Paper Taps Schneider for Supply Chain Management

Paper supplier Neenah Paper has selected Schneider Logistics as its third-party logistics (3PL) provider to manage all transportation functions. As part of the agreement, Neenah is now using Schneider’s proprietary suite of software, including its transportation management system. This will allow Neenah and Schneider to manage everything from demand planning to load optimization and reporting. All of the tools are integrated to give end-to-end planning, execution and visibility across Neenah's transportation and logistics operations.

One of the most visible aspects of the new partnership is the complete transparency available to track customer orders, based on Schneider’s Track-and-Trace (STAT) system. “The system gives us real-time tracking information, which helps us to proactively manage our service,” explains Renee Schwartz, director of supply chain for Neenah Paper.

Other services offered by Schneider include load optimization, as well as the ability to capture and mine service metrics at a granular level, which will allow Neenah to create customer-specific service scorecards. This added capability will help Neenah and its customers better understand where opportunities exist for future service enhancements.

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