New C-TPAT Requirement Deadlines Approaching

With the minimum-security criteria that went into effect on March 25, those importers who have not yet joined C-TPAT will have to either meet or exceed the criteria before being certified and eligible for program benefits, according to Robert Bonner, DBP Commissioner. Those already C-TPAT member will have to meet the criteria, as well, but implementation will be phased in three steps.

Here are the deadlines and required actions as expressed by Bonner:

By May 26, member-importers must meet the new container security, physical security and physical access criteria.

By July 26, members are to address internal or procedural security elements, including personnel, procedural and information technology security, and to establish a security training and threat awareness program.

By September 26, C-TPAT members must leverage their corporate strength to push security enhancements back along the supply chain, from the point of stuffing to the point of arrival and through the CBP clearance process.

Learn more at the web site:

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