A New Hong Kong Facility Offers Bypass of U.S. Hubs

The new warehouse management system (WMS) contract expands the relationship between the two companies. Within a month, BAX established a dedicated operation at its Yuen Long Logistics Centre where finished goods operations include all loading, local trucking, storage and re-palletization services.

The facility will help to streamline shipments of phones produced in China, moving them directly to customers, eliminating the need for stops at warehouses or distribution centers in the U.S.

Kyocera is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera International that acquired the Qualcomm’s CDMA consumer wireless business in 2000. Schenker and BAX Global recently merged.

Danny Chan, BAX Global’s managing director for Hong Kong and Southern China noted that, “Our excellent working relationship with a valued customer was instrumental in helping us to get the system operational within a matter of weeks, which solved significant transportation challenges which had been encountered by the customer.” The project is aimed at significantly reducing Kyocera transit times and warehousing costs.

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