New Web-Based Project Management Software

VCS (St. Louis), a provider of web-based project management solutions, released the latest version of its web-based project management solution, VPMi Standard. The software is designed to efficiently meet collaboration objectives of organizations that have outgrown spreadsheets or other rudimentary project management tools.VPMi Standard leverages the core project and resource management features of the VPMi Professional solution, including project management tools such as workflow, timesheets, portals and configurable reporting that downloads directly into Microsoft Project, Word, and Excel.

“Anyone thinking about project management for the first time wants the ability to quickly get things done without spending weeks working around an overly complex solution to satisfy their customers,” said Nick Matteucci, co-founder and partner of VCS. “VPMi Standard was built to alleviate the project chaos between teams, customers, and suppliers. It is the glue that binds a complete project team and enables efficient collaboration.”

“Project organizations moving from spreadsheet, schedule, time sheet, and e-mail environments to a centralized project and portfolio management world typically find themselves ill-prepared,” said Daniel B. Stang, principal research analyst, Gartner, in his December 13, 2006 report entitled Invest in Processes and Process Automation for PPM. “Successful PPM requires investments in internal PPM processes, as well as PPM process automation using technology.”

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