Operation Safe Commerce launches Phase III

The U.S. Office for Domestic Preparedness has awarded the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach $6.9 million for Operation Safe Commerce Phase III, a testing program focusing on technology and procedures to increase security of inbound cargo. Operation Safe Commerce, launched in July 2002, seeks to secure the supply chain of containerized shipments of goods coming into the U.S. at the country of origin. The results of the program will be used in establishing national supply chain security standards. In addition to Los Angeles/Long Beach, participants also include the port complexes of Seattle/Tacoma and New York/New Jersey.

Specific Phase III goals include:

  • maintaining and communicating accurate data on cargo;
  • verifying that empty containers have not been tampered with before being loaded with goods;
  • verifying that cargo loaded into containers do not contain threat items;
  • verifying that the integrity of containers is not breached in transit.
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