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Polar Air Cargo Gains China Flights

Polar Air Cargo becomes the newest entrant in the U.S.-China air cargo segment following confirmation by the U.S. Department of Transportation that it would award the carrier nine weekly U.S.-China flights. Six of the flights are available immediately; and the three additional flights will be available to the carrier beginning March 25, 2005.

Three other U.S. carriers serve China directly, and each was granted additional frequencies. FedEx, and UPS each received 12 additional weekly flights. Northwest Airlines received six. Half of the 30 flights granted to the incumbent carriers are available now and the other half on March 25th.

In other news, American Airlines Cargo will use DHL Express freighters in select markets under a new interline agreement between the carriers.

New interline agreements between DHL Express and American Airlines will allow American to use DHL freighters to reach Eastern Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world it does not serve directly

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