Rolling Out in Latin America

The program is an automatic package tracking system that offers visibility to packages in transit for both the shipper and consignee.

All information regarding the package en route appears on one screen without the need to punch in a tracking number.

"A recent poll by Forrester Research of our area showed 76% of those asked could not track the shipments they were waiting for without a tracking number," says Marketing and E-Commerce manager for Latin America and the Caribbean for FedEx, Alicia Herdocia. "They couldn't get automatic information on e-mail, either. FedEx Insight fills that need and goes one step further. It allows our customers and their customers in the auto, textile, pharmaceutical and electronic industries to rationalize operations and preserve their competitiveness because we give them pro-active information on their supply chain."

FedEx Information Technology expert Gonzalo Palacios says FedEx invest $1.5 billion a year in its World Trade Center developing new technologies aimed at fulfilling customer needs.

The FedEx Insight program offers the following amenities:

  • Proactive tracking of packages sent by third parties.
  • Automatic notification to customers on the status of their shipment.
  • Identification of customs delays and delivery attempts.

The FedEx Insight e-commerce program became operational in December, but was publicly announced at the end of January in Mexico City.

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