Savi RFID Technology Approved for Use in China

Savi Technology, (Sunnyvale, Calif.) received official approval from the China State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC), a division of the China Ministry of Information Industry, to use its family of active radio frequency identification (RFID) products throughout the country. Savi Technology's tags and readers are compatible with the ISO 18000-7 (International Standardization Organization) standard for active RFID products operating at the 433.92 MHz radio frequency band.

"China's certification of Savi's hardware products further validates international recognition that active RFID technology standard ISO 18000-7 is the global standard," said Fraser Jennings, v.p. of standards and regulatory affairs for Savi Technology, which is a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin company (Bethesda, Md.).

Following extensive testing and document reviews, SRRC issued Savi Technology a Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate and Code for five of the company's flagship hardware products, including tags, readers and signposts.

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