Schenker Creates Standard Bill of Lading

Schenker AG has brought its ocean freight operations together under SCHENKERocean, which the company represents as a "new worldwide standard." Within the new structure, SCHENKERcomplete will handle full container load activities. SCHENKERcombine will consolidate less-than-container shipments. And, SCHENKERprojects will have responsibility for project shipments - general cargo that cannot be containerized.

The company also introduced what it said is a single, modern worldwide bill of lading bearing the product name SCHENKERocean. "Great care has been applied in making sure this bill of lading conforms to today's international standards, including the 'UCP 500' (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits)," Schenker contined. The effects of current and future security legislation (such as "Advance Manifest Requirements" in the U.S. and Canada) have been considered concurrently.

Clarifying its position for U.S. shippers and consignees, Schenker explained "Schenkerocean Ltd., with its principal place of jurisdiction in Hong Kong, now acts as carrier under Hong Kong law. On shipments to and from ports in the U.S., Schenker, Inc. in the U.S. continues to act as the carrier using the very same SCHENKERocean bills of lading."

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