Secrets Revealed to Achieving Continuous Improvement IndustryWeek

Secrets Revealed to Achieving Continuous Improvement

While each organization has various challenges, often the best way to devise solutions is to look to others.  The winners of the IndustryWeek Best Plants programs tells the tales of manufacturing plants both large and small, producing products from aircraft parts and rail technologies to medical devices, forklift trucks, industrial cables, and foodservice and plumbing equipment.

One of the winners General Cable was on the brink of closure eleven years ago and today it is a diversified and growing plant recognized for safety excellence.

At the L.B. Foster Rail Technologies Corp,  the  successful integration of workgroups, built upon the "continuous improvement is the way we do things" attitude is why the plant achieves stellar metrics.

See other stories on continuous improvement efforts by best plant winners on IndustyWeek.

IndustryWeek is an MH&L companion site within Penton’s Design and Supply Chain Group. 

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