September Shipments Down but Looking Up

Although waterborne shipments were down in September, it was still the strongest September in six years.

September showed a dip in imports to the U.S., but overall the numbers are still high, according to Panjiva, providers of information on global trade and overseas suppliers. The numbers of waterborne shipments coming into the U.S. dipped 6% from August to September 2013. Previous years’ August to September changes: -4% in 2012, -8% in 2011, -7% in 2010, -5% in 2009, and -5% in 2008.

The number of global manufacturers shipping to the U.S. also dipped in September, -5% decrease from August to September. August to September changes in previous years: -4% in 2012, -8% in 200, -6% in 2010, -5% in 2009, -7% in 2008, and -4% in 2007.

“Although September shipments dipped, this is still the strongest September we’ve seen since we started tracking shipment trends back in 2007,” noted Panjiva analysts. “At over 1,155,000 shipments, September 2013 was 3% over any previous September.  Even though there have been some reports of weakening consumer confidence, we think we’re heading into a robust holiday shopping season.”

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