Stretching Asian Supply Lines

China, Korea and other Asian locations are now a major source for manufacturing - and particularly for the high tech/electronics industry. Here's a look at some of the offering now available.

  • Adexa, Inc., has opened an office in Shanghai. The supplier offers solutions to synchronize corporate planning with operations planning and execution. Among its customer base are General Motors, Maytag and Samsung.

  • Lynden Air Freight added seven new offices in China - in Beijing, Dalian, Tianjin, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenszen and Quingdao - to its Asia Division's strategic business unit. The full service domestic and international freight forwarder has 12 other Eastern operations ranging from Cambodia to Vietnam.

  • A new multi-user logistics facility has been opened in Seoul by Menlo Worldwide Logistics. Located at the Gimpo Airport, the 28,611 square foot facility will serve a customer base including Dell Computer, Apple Computer and FCI Communications with supply chain and warehousing operations.

  • Earlier this year, UPS launched direct air service between Hong Kong and its intra-Asia hub at the former Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. Using a Boeing 767 for the daily flights, the carrier connects Hong Kong and the general South China region with other Asian and European business centers.

  • Across Southeast Asia, U-Freight has been expanding its logistics network with new facilities in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and the Philippines. In early December, the provider of integrated logistics services opened its newest facility in South China's Guangzhou.

  • DHL is stepping up the competitive heat in China in announcing plans to triple its capacity over the next five years with a $200 million investment in delivery capabilities there. The carrier already has 42 offices and 160 stations in 318 cities in China.

  • The largest airline in China, China Southern Airlines, has taken deliver of a totally renovated Boeing 737-300 QC (Quick Change) cargo plane. It will be used as a passenger carrier during the day and as a cargo plane at night. The conversion by PEMCO World Air Services is the first of four, with the last two to be used exclusively for cargo. The airline connects to 80 cities from Amsterdam to Los Angeles.
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