Supply Chain CO2 Reduction Saves Equivalent of Closing Coal Plant for a Year

Supply Chain CO2 Reduction Saves Equivalent of Closing Coal Plant for a Year

In 2014 suppliers, through CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) at the request of one or more of their customers, specifically attributed projects totaling 3.5 million metric tons of CO2 saved.  This is almost equivalent to shutting a coal-fired power plant for a whole year, reports Alex Galvin for GreenBiz.

The group’s Supply Chain Program, in its eight year, has evolved to the point where the suppliers are “increasingly focusing not just on fulfilling their customers' expectations, but actively are managing the climate impacts of their overall corporate footprint, and looking beyond to engage their own key suppliers and expand their influence further upstream” says Galvin.

For example a majority of the newest members of the program – including Toyota, Volkswage and Kellogg --  who have have asked their customers to comply with the program are now extending those standards to their suppliers.

The program has also welcomed its first industry group, the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition, the world’s largest coalition dedicated to electronics supply-chain responsibility.

This further expands the reach of the group and its effect on the supply chain.

Read, “CDP's supply chain program: Now $2 trillion plus in purchasing power,” for more on the disclosure program. 

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