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Supply Chain Pact Aims to Expand Vancouver's Reach into Asian Markets

Port Metro Vancouver and CN (Canadian National Railway Co.) are forming a supply chain collaboration to drive further efficiencies at the port and recognize the importance of balanced accountability. The agreement sets the framework for the port, CN and port stakeholders to develop mechanisms to define, measure, monitor and evaluate the performance of each participant at the port against established benchmarks.

It also establishes processes to proactively communicate on service-related matters and resolve disputes between CN, the port and port supply chain participants on a commercial basis.

"The agreement will help align port stakeholders' interests and ensure that each party is accountable for the optimal performance of the Vancouver Gateway," says Robin Silvester, Port Metro Vancouver president and CEO.

"The agreement will focus stakeholders on working together to achieve continuous improvement in supply chain performance at the port," adds Claude Mongeau, CN president and CEO.

Port Metro Vancouver and CN believe that supply chain collaboration is the best way to help increase Canada's commerce with the Asia-Pacific region, enlarge the Gateway's share of Asian containerized imports to North America, and improve Gateway competitiveness for Canadian and North American exports.

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