Support Grows for the Highway Bill

Observing that funding is needed for U.S. highways as well as transportation infrastructure, NASSTRAC urged the Bill’s rapid passage by the Senate. As its web site notes, NASSTRAC is an organization that focuses on managing strategic shipments that include the less than truckload and small package segment of supply chain management.

What NASSTRAC opposes is the provision of the Bill that requires fuel surcharges in truckload contracts based on pricing that exceeds what is called a Benchmark Price for diesel of $1.10 per gallon. The organization notes that mandatory fuel surcharges are not consistent with today’s deregulated trucking market.

“Fuel costs are a cost of doing business not just for trucking companies but also for other carriers,” notes the organization, “and not just for carriers but also for other carriers, and not just for motor carriers but also for many other businesses. NASSTRAC sees no reason why motor carriers but not other carriers, or other businesses, should be guaranteed recovery of cost increases under federal law.”

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