Survey says: Westward ho!

Survey says

Even without a 21st Century Horace Greeley to issue the call, Americans continue to migrate westward, according to a recent study of relocations by United Van Lines ( Based on more than 200,000 household goods shipments handled by the company, 2003 saw more people moving into the west and out of the northeast and midwest.

The migration study shows more inbound than outbound moves in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. The Southeast gained in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida. Delaware (as well as Washington, D.C.) in the Northeast also gained.

Losing states included New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas and North Dakota.

The study uses 55% or more inbound moves to classify a state as “high inbound” and a similar figure for outbound.

Nevada has continued a 25-year inbound trend as well as achieving the largest inbound percentage — 66.5%. The two Carolinas saw their highest inbound percentages in the history of the study — 61.3%.

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April, 2004

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