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Testing Begins to Speed Trade, Protect Borders

The three-month test being conducted falls into two areas. One is the implementation of an electronic monthly account statement and ability for payment capability. The other is the Secure Data Portal to connect the government and trade community through a web site presenting a single, centralized point of information.

Included in the financial capabilities of ACE are notifications, ledger integration and alerts. Those participating receive a monthly listing of daily account statements and may make one monthly payment through ACE’s electronic funds transfer system.

As CBP Commissioner, Robert C. Bonner, explains, “ACE will provide CBP personnel with the information they need to decide what should be targeted because it is a security threat, and what should be expedited because it complies with U.S. laws, before a shipment reaches the border.” Visit the CBP web site to learn more about ACE and other governmental endeavors at

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