TNT Post Takes Two Contracts in U.K

In what it describes as the biggest contract since the U.K. postal system was deregulated in 2004, TNT Post will handle an estimated 170 million items per year for BT, the British telecommunications company. Most of the items will be transactional mail (bills and statements) and will include last-mile delivery through the Royal Mail.

In a separate announcement, TNT Post said it had signed a two-year contract to provide similar services for Centrica, Britain’s largest energy provider. The estimated 170 million items will include roughly 120 million pieces of transactional mail and 50 million direct marketing items.

TNT Post is not the only competitor dining at the Royal Mail’s trough. Business Post was awarded a £12 million-per-year ($23.6 million) contract by the British government’s Department for Work and Pensions. It will handle 82 million pension statements, winter fuel payment notifications and other items sent out by the government’s largest department.

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