The Top 10 South American Warehouse Networks

Chicago Consulting has specified what it considers to be the 10 Best South American Warehouse Networks. These are warehouse networks that are “closest” to consumer markets as represented by the South American population. They are networks that are “quickest to market” and supply the South American population in the “least amount of time,” explains Terry Harris, managing partner of the firm.

Many indicators suggest South America is becoming more important economically in the hemisphere. Led by Brazil’s strong growth the continent is coming out of the global recession faster than the United States and may see 5% growth in 2011.

“Of course, there are many issues to account for in locating warehouses,” says Harris, including a variety of costs elements. However, he indicates that smart companies locate warehouses to provide service to their customers and that these “market timing-based” networks form an initial set from which to include added cost elements.

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