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Transportation Revenues Hit $266 Billion

Included in the report are these statistics:

• Truck transportation alone grew to $186 billion in 2004, which was up 10.4% year over year. Courier and messenger revenue reached $62 billion, up 4.0%.

• General freight trucking contributed almost 2/3 of all trucking revenues, accounting for $125 billion for the year. The remainder of reported revenues came from trucks transporting specialized freight – that which requires equipment like flatbeds, tankers or refrigerated trailers – and totaled $61 billion.

• For hire, local general freight trucking accounted for $20 billion, up 8.0% year over year.

• Growing by 10.7% to $105 billion was long-distance general freight revenue.

• Motor carrier revenues reached $175 billion, which was up 10.5%.

• Hazardous materials shipments garnered $10 billion, a 9.4% jump.

2004 Service Annual Survey: Truck Transportation, couriers and Messengers, and Warehousing and Storage. In the Bureau’s words, the figures for truck transportation do not include private motor carriers that operate as auxiliary establishments of non-transportation companies.

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