Two New FTZs Increase International Trade Opportunities

The DeSoto Center enjoys a site with easy access to Interstates 55 and 40, is just 10 miles away from the Memphis FedEx hub and UPS Center at the International Airport and close to rail yards.

The Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville is also known as the Clark Maritime Center. The Indiana Ports already operate two smaller FTZs at facilities in Mount Vernon and Portage. The Clark Maritime Center was established in 1985 and presently serves as home to 24 companies involved in steel processing, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and logistics services.

As a legal entity, a FTZ is an area within the U.S. that the government considers outside of Customs territory. Product within a FTZ incurs no import duties until it leaves the Zone, entering the commerce of the U.S. Companies can reduce, postpone or eliminate duties on a variety of products to improve cash flow and reduce the costs of manufacturing.

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