Two Summer Courses to Hone Your Skills

The Institute explains that its July 17-18 course, New Approaches to Optimizing Inventories offers as its objectives a grasp of the fundamentals of inventory theory; comprehension of the roles of simulation and optimization models in analyzing inventory deployment decisions integrated with other strategic supply chain decisions; and an understanding of the application of holistic supply chain optimization models in developing tactical planning over months. Too the course offers guidelines for creating and using models for data collection, preparation and validation as well as scenario planning. Offered will be details on software system to use for inventory simulations and supply chain network optimization.

Moving from a push to pull system is more possible than ever due to the increased scope of fact-based methods for supply chain management. The July 19-20 Demand Driven Supply Chain Management course includes instruction on the purposes and application of models for holistic supply chain network optimization and insight into the complimentary roles of supply chain and marketing science models in supporting decisions for net revenue maximization, among other objectives.

Professor of Operations Research and Management, Emeritus, at the Sloan School, MIT, Jeremy F. Shapiro, has the overall responsibility for these programs. Included as guest lecturers are those with expertise in inventory, supply chain management and marketing science. The courses are taught on the MIT campus. To learn more, visit the web site, for the optimization course and for the supply chain course.

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