U.S. Catastrophic Planning Still Needs Help

Conducted in all States and territories and 75 urban areas over a six month period under the aegis of the DHS and in coordination with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Nationwide Plan Review concluded that when it comes to being ready to react to occurrences such as a major terrorist attack or Category Five hurricane, there are several areas that require increase attention.

Those cited include evacuation, attention to populations with special needs, command structure and resource management.

Based on the report, DHS has established a National Preparedness Task Force to watch over its efforts at strengthening and systematizing catastrophic planning at all governmental levels as well as making sure that lessons drawn from recent disasters find the way into these plans.

The study found that greatest failures come from outmoded planning processes, products and tools. More specific actions needed – there are 15 initial conclusions for States and urban areas and 24 for the Federal government – are being discussed with the appropriate governmental bodies.

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