U.S. Marine Corps turns to Accenture to design supply chain solution

The U.S. Marine Corps has chosen consulting firm Accenture to design and implement its new global supply chain and maintenance system.

The new system is part of the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) program, which is designed to modernize the Marine Corps’ logistics, supply chain planning, procurement and maintenance service capabilities. The GCSS-MC should also improve the tracking, transport and distribution of supplies from support units to Marine Corps forces around the world.

The first phase of Accenture’s work, which includes planning and analyzing the GCSS-MC solution, will be executed under a six-month, $4.5 million contract.

The global supply and maintenance system will be based on Oracle Corp.’s E-Business Suite applications. The system is intended to deliver an enhanced logistics capability that integrates seamlessly with many existing Marine Corps and Department of Defense applications.

“Instead of today’s requirement to learn and use multiple systems depending on the logistics need, this web-based system will provide Marines a single point of entry to access all logistics data,” says Lieutenant General Richard Kelly, Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics, USMC. “It will give them both global and cross-battlefield visibility and integration of information, resulting in greater operational flexibility,”

The GCSS-MC program is expected to deliver a number of benefits to the U.S. Marine Corps, including:

* a Web-based, collaborative logistics system that will integrate currently disparate function such as supply, maintenance, and logistics and will offer interoperability with other DOD organizations;

* worldwide access by Marine Corps personnel to supply chain and maintenance information;

* proactive management of inventory and services, thereby helping to reduce carrying costs;

* reduced wait times for supplies and services for all Marines, whether deployed or in garrison;

* and reduced training time, allowing Marines to serve more time in forward-deployed operational forces.




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