UTi Worldwide Launches Cross-Border Service

UTi Worldwide, a global logistics provider, has launched a new U.S.-Mexico cross-border service aimed at simplifying and speeding trade across the U.S. and Mexico borders.

“The new border service and its combined infrastructure are designed to assist companies in leveraging lower cost manufacturing and better near-shore options,” says Jeff Hammond, global vice president, trade services and compliance, UTi Worldwide.

The service consists of two major U.S. distribution facilities in Texas, seven Mexico facilities, and combines transportation services and freight forwarding with brokerage services. Specifically, UTi has multi-client distribution facilities in McAllen and Laredo, Texas, while in Mexico it offers clients seven third-party logistics (3PL) solution facilities in Chihuahua, Guadalajara, El Paso, Reynosa, Monterrey, Matamoros, and Toluca.

The suite of cross-border services includes HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) verification, Previo (physical verification) Mexico in-house brokerage, pedimento (Mexico customs brokerage documentation), cross-dock, transportation, full truckload, less than truckload, consolidation, “hot shots,” and specialized trade, as well as a range of global UTi services, including air, ocean and road freight forwarding.

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