Visibility from Chinese Factories to US Retail Shelves

At one end of the chain is China's Sinotrans Ltd.; the other is North America's National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS). They have created a joint venture, SinoNRS, to provide US retailers with fully integrated factory-to-store logistics solutions. Providing an end-to-end visibility platform for both to track shipments from origin through final delivery is Red Bank NJ's LOG-NET, Inc.

The SinoNRS offering is a suite of transportation, consolidation, factory interfaces, warehousing, distribution, trade facilitation and value-added services, including ticketing, labeling and packaging. The offering takes advantage of the US-domestic retail distribution capabilities of NRS to create a seamless logistics system.

LOG-NET provides SinoNRS with an end-to-end visibility platform. It receives container status events from SinoNRS transportation partners to enable event management through to final destination. LOG-NET also creates documents at origin, including the forwarders cargo receipt, container manifest and shipment instructions. LOG-NET will also automate logistics processes, including the receiving of electronic purchase orders and sales orders from SinoNRS customers and integrating this information with their suppliers.

“Combining LOG-NET's best-in-class supply chain visibility platform with the market strength of Sinotrans and NRS, SinoNRS now offers retailers the three critical drivers of logistics success: visibility, speed and control,” claims Larry Ravinett, senior vice president of Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions for NRS.

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